Lamberts, Koen & Shanks, David (eds.) Knowledge, concepts and categories. Hove: Psychology Press 1997. (Studies in Cognition.)


Lamberts, Koen & Shanks, David: Introduction

Heit, Evan: Knowledge and concept learning

Hahn, Ulrike & Chater, Nick: Concepts and simularity

Murphy, Gregory L. & Lassaline, Mary E.: Hierarchical structure in concepts and the basic level of categorization

Hampton, James: Conceptual combination

Smith, Linda B. & Samuelson, Larissa K.: Perceiving and remembering: Category stability, variability and development

Shanks, David R.: Distributed representations and implicit knowledge: A brief introduction

Knowlton, Barbara: Declarative and nondeclarative knowledge: Insights from cognitive neuroscience

Goschke, Thomas: Implicit learning and unconscious knowledge: Mental representation, computational mechanisms, and brain structures

Whittlesea, Bruce W. A.: The representation of general and particular knowledge

Lamberts, Koen: Process models of categorization

Busemeyer, Jerome R., Byun, Eunhee, Delosh, Edward L. & Mark A. McDaniel: Learning functional relations based on experience with input-output pairs by humans and artificial neural networks

Storms, Gert & De Boeck, Paul: Formal models for intra-categorical structure that can be used for data analysis